The Nordic Pavilion II (2009), oil on canvas, 182 x 260 cm

Vibeke Slyngstad (b. 1968) completed her studies at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 1994. Since then she has participated in several exhibitions and her works have been acquired by several key collections, including the National Museum of Art in Oslo. This is her first museum exhibition, curated to reflect her artistic work from the early 1990s up to the present day.

Sverre Fehn Pavilion II, version II (2016), oil on canvas, 100 x 140 cmSlyngstad’s figurative paintings reveal how our perception of reality has already been mediated through film and digital images. Her compositions are reminiscent of film stills or images created through photographic optics. In addition, they exhibit a penetrating light that creates a sense of weightlessness and transparency.

Primary focus is given to the paintings from the series Modern Classics. Here, Slyngstad adapts the bright rooms and minimalist interiors of modernist architecture by introducing fragmented shadows and reflections into buildings designed by architects such as Arne Korsmo and Mies van der Rohe. Another key theme in Slyngstad’s paintings is the references made to the works of other artists. For instance, she has painted one of Steinar Jakobsen’s painting into her own Villa Stenersen V, and portrayed her colleague Vanessa Baird in front of one of her other paintings. This kind of “Picture in picture” (PiP) refers to artistic metaphors such as mirrors and windows, significant elements that have played a key role in our understanding of painting since the Renaissance.Villa Stenersen II (2011), oil on canvas, 180 x 150 cm

A book will be published by SKIRA which will include an essay by the exhibition’s curator Tone Lyngstad Nyaas.

Color me Gone (2015), oil on canvas, 120 x 170 cm