Peter Esdaile was born in Canada in 1947, but grew up in Oslo and Bærum. He now lives on Tjøme, having recently returned from a six-year stay in the USA. He has established a reputation as a painter, sculptor, and print artist with a characteristic boldness in his use of form and colour. He has held many large exhibitions at, among others, Galleri F15 in Moss (Norway) and Brandts Klædefabrik in Odense (Denmark), and is represented at the National Gallery and in many private collections.

Apart from some recent masks and egg-shaped forms, the exhibition will focus exclusively on Esdaile’s paintings. We will be able to trace his development from the 1970s – when he favoured a realistic style that often carried criticism of political power – through the increasingly rich and imaginative imagery of his works of the 80s. After a constructivist period he arrived in the early 2000s at a synthesis of his career, combining the fecundity of his surreal figures and landscapes with a wholly individual narrative style. These relatively recent works are tableaux that seem like symbolic places where contemporary life might confront the timelessly human. Here classical mythologies can meet popular cultural phenomena of today, architectonic forms tussle with humans and nature. The result can be both strikingly vivid and poetic. In the last two years the dramatic scenes of his earlier production have given way to a more contemplative interpretation of the elements of nature.

The exhibition is curated by Øivind Storm Bjerke, Professor of Art History, whose study of Peter Esdaile’s art was published late last year by Labyrinth Press.

Peter Esdaile - Paparazzi, 2007

Peter Esdaile – Paparazzi, 2007