This exhibition builds on new research on Kitty L. Kielland’s (1843-1914) artistic career and is the largest presentation of her art to this date.

Kielland was a pioneer and the first Norwegian female plein air painter. She is renowned for her peat moor images from Jæren. Kielland broke free of the cultural restrictions set for her gender and shifted the artistic focus from domestic life by bringing easel and canvas outdoors. She ventured out on men’s arena and explored the landscape both at home and abroad. In this, she was instrumental in bringing neo-romanticism to Norway. The exhibition will also shed light on her talent as a fierce and outspoken public speaker. Kielland was co-founder of the Norwegian Women’s Association in 1884, and was an advocate for equality between the sexes both at home and at work.



The exhibition highlights Kielland’s artistic oeuvre, and emphasize her role as an engaged supporter for the arts and as well as women’s rights. On display are paintings and drawings from her early studies in the 1870s, until she stopped painting around 1910.

An extensive catalog accompanies the exhibition with essays by Inger Margrethe Lund Gudmundson, Karl Ove Knausgård, Marit I. Lange, Tone Lyngstad Nyaas, Hild Sørby, Janeke Meyer Utne and Sigrun Åsebø.

The exhibition is curated by Inger Margrethe Lund Gudmundson and produced by Stavanger Art Museum in cooperation with Lillehammer Art Museum and Haugar Art Museum.