Lars Ramberg Tønsberg 2014

LARS Ø. RAMBERG: Tønsberg, 2014


Dania Burger – Crispin Gurholt – Bjørn Erik Haugen – Thomas Kvam – Lars Ø. Ramberg

2014 is the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution. The event will be marked at Haugar with two exhibitions, the first of which is Viking Mythologies. Here we will examine how Norse mythology has been used in our own time for political, nationalistic, and cultural purposes.

The uniquely rich Viking history of Vestfold has led to our region being strongly identified with the Viking Age. Curator Tone Lyngstad Nyaas has invited five artists to take this as their starting point in considering Norse influence on contemporary society. Of particular interest will be the influence of Norse imagery and mythology, as well as conceptions of warrior and hero ideology, on youth culture through films, video games, and music. A modern playful approach to Norse culture has managed to free it from the nationalistic and ideological shadow that clung to it in the last century. On the one hand globalisation has emptied these symbols of their nationalistic content, while on the other the historical heritage they represent can still carry significant weight in the forming of the modern identity.


Far less innocent has been the exploitation of Viking imagery by neo-Nazis and other groups on the extreme right, and this will also be a theme of the exhibition. There is a continuity here from the use of Viking imagery during the Nazi occupation, and this will be illustrated through propaganda posters loaned from the National Library. The town name of TØNSBERG has been appropriated by a neo-Nazi clothes chain with outlets in Berlin and four other German cities. In marking the anniversary of the Constitution it has been important for Haugar to cast a critical light on the ways Viking history and imagery can be used to our undermine democratic society.



Bjørn Erik Haugan Thomas Kvam



Cprispn Gurholdt Livefoto 2014

CRISPIN GURHOLT: Livefoto, 2014.

Diana Burger Odal Deconstructed,2014

Odal Deconstructed,2014.