24. jan - 01. apr 2015

Trine Folmoe (b. 1964) works in a Romantic figurative style, typically with an imagery that is steeped in pathos. Her depiction of the human form is a timeless expression, but has its roots in classically oriented painting, with a typically baroque composition of her figures.

Folmoe made a name for herself early in her career with a characteristic style inspired by Odd Nerdrum’s central works, not least his mythological scenes. She was studying with Nerdrum when, in the mid-1980s, she developed a personal repertoire in which her clear figuration was combined with natural elements and archaic symbols. She became known for the artistic integrity of her work, not least in monumental and highly charged compositions in which the visual vocabulary illuminates a female perspective.

Love, eroticism, pregnancy, and the mother-child relationship are central themes in Folmoe’s work. While drawing on personal experiences, she clothes her motifs in the pictorial language of mythology. In this symphony of themes her focus on the female form is a dominant melody, but always allowing room for emotion and an affirmation of freedom. Her sensual and maternal figures are therefore a counterbalance to the instrumentality of contemporary body culture.

Folmoe is represented in the National Gallery and Bergen Billedgalleri as well as several private collections. She has received portrait commissions from the Storting and the Norwegian National Opera. This is her first museum Exhibition.


Trine Folmoe - Blomsterpiken, 2008

Trine Folmoe – Blomsterpiken, 2008