the unfinished dance floorLars Elling (b. 1966) has worked as an artist since 1997, but his background is in book illustration, for which he won many awards. This solo exhibition, his first in a museum, dwells on the highlights of his production from 2008 to the present day.

Elling’s paintings are layered narratives told in a fragmented visual language. He incorporates references to film and photography into his works, letting them impact on the abstract grammar of the paintings. In this way the fleeting photographic image is interpreted through the inert state of the painted image. A subtle interplay of figurative and abstract elements arises in the alternately clearly focussed and indistinct areas of the picture. Nostalgia is often present too, intimated in references to private photo albums, opening for us an enigmatic corridor into a dreamscape of memories.

This meeting between fragments of realities and actions is also evidence of life-affirming spontaneity liberated from the controlling mechanisms of the intellect. Side by side the irrational and the playful seem to tease and threaten each other, while all the time psychological dramas are being performed through the filmatic staging.

Lars Elling has exhibited in several European and American galleries, including the renowned Sean Kelly gallery in New York, where his work was first exhibited in 2013.

His Haugar exhibition is accompanied by a book from the Press publishing house in which the exhibition’s curator Tone Lyngstad Nyaas is one of several contributing writers.

Lars Elling - Life Study

Lars Elling – Life Study