The theme of this exhibition has been inspired by Malevich’s architecton sculptures of the 1920s.  In an attempt to revitalize this abstract concept, works by three renowned contemporary artists have been selected, each in their different way exploring themes arising from the relationship between people and architecture. 

KNUT ÅSDAM (born 1968) is perhaps the most internationally acclaimed Norwegian artist today. He has exhibited at the Venice Biennale, MoMA in New York and Tate Modern in London. Åsdam’s films, installations, and photographs illuminate contemporary problems of youth culture, globalization, and migration. He is especially drawn to issues of identity linked to urban architecture, a theme he has also explored in a theoretical/philosophic context.

DIANA AL-HADID (born 1981) was born in Syria and lives today in New York. She creates monumental sculptures rich in references to architecture, science fiction, and astronomy. Her fragmentary style plays on the dialogue between eastern and western cultures and the rise and fall of civilization.

DOMINIK LEJMAN (born 1969) is one of Poland’s most renowned artists. He has specialized in video paintings and the projection of monumental images onto the façades of public buildings. Historically charged sites and the relationship between space, body, and architecture are characteristic elements of his work.

Other selections of works from the Helgesen collection can be viewed at Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium and the Vigeland Museum. The curator of ARCHITECTONS is Tone Lyngstad Nyaas, who has also contributed a text to the shared exhibition catalogue.