Inger Sitter (1929–2015) was one of Norway’s foremost female artists and a pioneer who pushed the boundaries of modern art in Norway. She championed abstract art in a conservative art environment and stood at the forefront when fighting for artists’ rights. Through her efforts as the first female professor at the National Academy of Art and as a driving force for the establishment of the Arts Council of Norway as well as the organisation for art in public spaces, she contributed to professionalisation and internationalisation of the Norwegian art environment.

bibbi 1952-53Haugar’s summer exhibition is dedicated to a comprehensive presentation of the work of Inger Sitter, from her debut as a 13-year-old in Trondhjem’s Art Association to her final works from 2015. The exhibition is built up chronologically, where the dynamics between various phases will give the public a sense of the diversity and contrasts present in her extensive production. The presentation includes everything from paintings, drawings, lithographs, collages and reliefs to photo-documentation of her decorations and life. One of the exhibition’s main themes will be the special relationship Inger Sitter had with the coastal landscape of Vestfold, where her impressions from the county’s typical nature were transformed to a dynamic form of lyrical abstraction.

Kiste 1986 - 89sommer 1967In connection with this exhibition, a book will be published Orfeus Publishing containing written contributions from Gunnar Danbolt, Kjetil Røed, Morten Krogvold and curator Tone Lyngstad Nyaas.