Grete Lis Bibalo, one of the region’s most distinguished video artists, is originally from Denmark. She moved to Gon at Larvik in 1963 together with the Italian composer Antonio Bibalo. She established a name for herself in 1990 with a multimedia exhibition in Copenhagen, and has since exhibited at prestigious galleries such as Henie-Onstad Art Centre. Bibalo’s installations often combine sculpture, film, photo, lighting, and sound. She has executed several commissions for public spaces in Vestfold and contributed to an understanding of art as a force in society that is always in flux.

A central work in her exhibition is the film Monte Cassino: In Search of a Young Soldier, in which the camera pans across a collection of old war photos to a soundtrack of artillery fire and Antonio Bibalo’s Piano Sonata No. 2, La Notte. As a whole the work is suffused with melancholy, enhanced by the reflection of the viewer in the photo frames. The meeting of past and present is typical of her installations. They also frequently set up associations with cultic landscapes in which stone sculptures contrast with the flickering images of digital film technology. 

The motif of the mask has long been a feature of her paintings, at times as a fearful vision of the future, and always drawing on its historical roots in the mystical and ritualistic. In other works she is concerned with problems of time in the creative process, the traditional concept of the artwork as a static object challenged and dissolved in a synthesis of image, film, lighting, and sound. Photography has always been at the core of her interests and led her to form – with Jenny Alnæs, Jannecke Lønne Christiansen and Barbro Hernes – the group KRYSS PUNKT. From 2004 to 2010 they collaborated on exhibitions and symposiums exploring the problems related to the photograph in art.