31. jan - 16. mai 2015

Bjørn Melbye Gulliksen (b. 1946), who lives in Tjølling, Vestfold, works within a conceptual tradition with focus on sculpture and installation. This is his first retrospective museum exhibition.

Issues concerning the relationship between art, technology, and science are typical for Gulliksen’s art, stretching back to when he was a member of the Gras group (1970-73). A recurring theme in his works has been the Greek myth of Daedalus who, when he and his son Icarus were held captive by King Minos, fashioned wings of feathers and wax so that they might escape. While Daedalus represents the triumph of invention in art, the boldness of his son, soaring up towards the sun, might be seen as a metaphor for the transcendence of art. The scientific and logical meet in Gulliksen’s art, not least in his series of works with the wing as a central motif. Another dominant theme of his wide-ranging production has been the role of chance in the creative process.

In 2014 Bjørn Melbye Gulliksen won the competition to create a memorial to the Norwegian resistance fighters in the Osvald Group. His model depicts a swastika being crushed against a bedrock of Norwegian larvikite. Both the model and the debate surrounding its proposed site are presented in this show.

The exhibition is accompanied by a book, published by Galleberg, with texts by Hallgeir Opedal, Jon Øien, and the exhibition’s curator Tone Lyngstad Nyaas.


Bjørn Melbye Gulliksen - Panta Rei, 2004

Bjørn Melbye Gulliksen – Panta Rei, 2004